The Lost Prophetess (concrete_angel) wrote in thenortheast,
The Lost Prophetess

Fat Buddha

Has anyone eaten at Fat Buddha in Durham?

Would you recommend it, and errr, where is it?!

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I haven't eaten there, but its in the new Gala development. Down the steps from the main square I think.
It's by the Gala theatre and I heartily recommend it. I've been twice now and both times I've eaten set menus as they seem to be better value than the regular menu. I've tried set A (£19.50) and set B (£20.50). For the price you get three courses and it's definitely worth the value. My favourite of the two I've tried is Set A - mostly because I'm a sucker for Duck pancakes.

Alternatively, ordering off the regular menu is good too (and I hear their lunches are a bargain). My biggest problem was that I couldn't choose, everything looked so nice, but if you like Thai, S. Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, or Chinese food then you are in for a treat.

Book in advance though as I hear they get full about 2 weeks in advance, and ask for one of the upstairs booths if there are 4 or more of you, they are really nice and intimate.
Thanks so much for the advice. I don't really like any of those food styles - I'm more an Indian cuisine girl, but it's my dad's 50th soon and he's dying to go. I've told him no way in a million years would I go, because I won't find anything to eat, but I'm taking him as he'll be very surprised! As for the location, I used to work in the Gala so there shouldn't be a problem finding it! Thanks :D