Bex (bexfiles) wrote in thenortheast,

North Tyneside Libraries

A little unusual I know, but I thought I'd mention it. Anyone can join North Tyneside libraries, there's no need for ID anymore. The libraries are currently running a promotion for new joiners (or those who recommend others to join if you're already a member).

All you need to do is go to one of the libraries and join (or come with the person recommended) and then you get a Spread the Word collector card. With it you need to visit the library on 4 separate occasions and either borrow a book/DVD/CD or use the internet computers and you'll get a stamp. Complete the card before 25th March and get entered into adraw to win all sorts of prizes including XBox360, Plasma TV, laptop, ipod, book tokens (of course).

It's a pretty good competition, but it does involve a small amount of work.

I can't enter - so good luck to anyone who does.
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